ATM Machine

ATM is the acronym for Automated Teller Machine, commonly known as "the hole in the wall" or cash machine. They are primarily machines that dispense cash, but some can be used to cash cheques, top-up mobile phones, make transfers or cash cheques. You can also get a mini-statement to see what your balance is.

There are two main types of ATM machines -- Those fitted into a wall, and free-standing machines. The ones fitted into a wall are normally built into the wall of the bank, and these typically use larger ATM Receipt Paper Rolls than a smaller, portable or freestanding unit. so that you can access them from outside of the building when the bank is shut. The free-standing machines can be ones that you drive up to or are located within a building, such as a shopping mall.

To use a cash machine you need an ATM card and a PIN number (PIN is an acronym for Personal Identification Number). You insert your card into a slot, and type your PIN number in using a keypad on the machine. You will be asked to pick an option about what you want to do, for example withdraw money, get a mini-statement, get cash with a receipt or check balance. If you click on something you will get further options.

If you pick the option "cash with receipt", you will see a choice of different amounts of money that you can withdraw, usually up to $200. You then click on an amount, wait a little while, then your card is returned and you have to retrieve it. The cash that you requested appears from the machine, followed by your receipt.